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Supporting structure on generator stator in Mechanical

    • Gautelyng


      I am working on vibration analysis in a generator stator and having trouble with defining the correct support assignment for my supporting structure. As shown below, the stator is supported by six cylindrical bars attached to the yoke. These bars are again connected to a large frame at each end, which is not included in the model.  
      Do you have any tips for what kind of support I should apply to the bars in Mechanical? 

      I have tried several options, among them: 
      - fixing the end faces of each bar.  However, this makes the system too stiff such that the frequencies of a modal analysis are too high (i.e. 1300 Hz and above. My 1st natural frequency is expected to be around 100-300 Hz).  
      - estimating the stiffness of the bars with Static Structural by applying a forced deformation of 1mm, then check the force reaction and calculate the stiffness in each direction by Force/1mm. Then, create General Joints (body-to-ground) at the contact surface between the bars and the yoke, and insert the estimated stiffness in x, y, and z direction. The natural frequencies seem appropriate, but now the system is "floating" without any references / fixed points.

      A project file is attached. 

      In advance; thank you for all help. 



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