suppress or not for physics ? : space claim

    • manelaero2020

      Hi friends ;

      I will simulate the icing of this plane (fuselage, wings, etc.) with Fensap-Ice. I will do the mesh using Fluent Meshing.

      I have created a little fluid domain around the plane ( blue color) in the order to refine the mesh in this zone; and a big fluid domain around the blue one.

      The zone of influence (the blue one) and the big fluid domain (the white one) are two separate solids. I have put them under one component and merged topology.

      My problem is :

      Must I suppress for physics the two solids or not ( as a final step before removing geometry to Ansys fluent Meshing)?

      If I deactivate the two solid bodies, I will remove geometry from visibility because these two solids are pure fluid domains.

      Thank you

      Kind regards

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
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