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Surface coating meaning

    • KevinsYuan

      Hi everyone,

      i find out this option (Modell - Geometry - insert "Surface Coating") here, can anyone tell me what is the meaning of "Suface Coating" in Ansys?

      I just intressted about the stress underneath the coating, will the result be the same with a real geometry (in [um] thin) of surface coating if i use this option. The thickness of coating is to small relative to other parts, for example 5 um vs. 20 mm, sothat i have difficulty to mesh the entire part.

      Thank you very much!




    • peteroznewman

      Please read this page of the ANSYS help.

      Please read this Discussion about how to use the link above.

      The answer is yes, you can get the effect of a thin coating of some other material to a specified thickness on top of a solid body. You can look at the stress on the surface of the solid as well as the surface of the coating.

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