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3D Design

Surface deformation when importing CAD geometry to Fluent Meshing

    • jg19abu

      Hi everyone,

      This specific case is regarding a winglet design but it's not the first time that happens. The process was the following:

      • It was designed in Catia V5

      • Then imported to Spaceclaim 19.2 to clean it up and create the domain

      • Finally, using "file>import>CAD", the ".sdoc" from spaceclaim was imported to Fluent Meshing 19.2

      The geometry imported from Catia to Spaceclaim was perfectly similar, but when imported to Fluent it suffers a severe deformation. My question is, how can it be avoided and why does it happen. An image is attached below to figure out the problem better.

      Thank you.

      Fluent imported geometry

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      please check tolerance while importing fluent meshing. 

      also you can use other route. 

      export .tgf file from spaceclaim. you can change options as well. 




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    • jg19abu

      Dear Keyur,

      You are completely right. The tolerance was set as "0" and it seems to work wrongly. I set the tolerance as "0.01".


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