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Surface Nusselt Number of Dimpled Surface

    • emrehangursoy

      Hi everyone,

      I am simulating of a dimpled surface pipe and I want to see Surface Nusselt Number chancing both up wall surface and bottom wall surface.

      I have used a plane along the dimpled pipe and after I have used a polyline for intersect with selection. But it has created two polylines on both the wall surface and the bottom wall surface. In case of this situation, I can not see the Surface Nusselt Number, elaborately.

      How can I create separately two line for both up wall surface and bottom wall surface? Or how can I see the Surface Nusset Number of up wall surface and bottom wall surface, separately?

      Thank you for your interest.

      Best Regards.

    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee

      Hello If you have separate naming for top wall and bottom wall, create separate polylines with boundary intersection between the top wall and the plane, and similarly create a polyline between the bottom wall and the plane

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      To add, you may also be able to clip the polyline using the iso-clip functions under Surfaces in the Results tab.
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