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Surface Plot Information [ANSYS AIM]

    • F. Semih Y

      First Question

      When passing over a surface plot with you mouse, It gives you each value at every point. The highest tensile and compressive stresser are indicated with a value. I would like to attach a value to a point by choice. preferably by clicking selection (I dont know specific coordinates). This value than stays also when exporting to PNG image.

      Second Question

      When selecting data/colour range, every value outside the bounds becomes transparant on the surface plot. I would like that to be the lowest/highest colour instead. e.g. in a range of 50 to 100 MPa. I want <50 to show dark blue and >100 to show dark red rather then transparent.

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      You can generate calculated values at multiple locations and display at the same time.  In Results add a calculated value and go from there.

      To specify an user-defined range. please see this section of the help:

      To specify a variable range:

      Under Appearance>Variable range, select User-specified.

      Enter the Minimum value for the range you want to display.

      Enter the Maximum value for the range you want to display.

      By default, Clip to range is selected. This hides any data that is outside of the specified range. If deselected, data that lies outside of the specified range will turn light red or light blue, depending on whether the variable is higher than the maximum or lower than the minimum (light red is higher, light blue is lower). The image below shows a user specified variable range with Clip to range selected (left) and deselected (right).


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