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Surface recombination boundary condition in charge?

    • Mariah Ha


      I am simulating a pin diode in Charge. I am using the electrical boundary condition to apply a voltage at the anode and at the cathode. Is it mandtory to add a surface recombination boundary condition between Si/Al and between the other materials , for example Glass/Si ...or is it optional? I am asking because if I add these surface recombination velocities boundary conditions, I get a warning when I check the simulation (check button) mentioning that there are duplicate surfaces for boundary conditions. 


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      No. Usually the surface recombiation is set in the material property. 

      I case you need to set, please unceck "apply to majority carriers" and the parameter values should be proper.

      Simulation Objects - Boundary Conditions

      2D silicon square grating solar cell


    • Mariah Ha

      Thank you for the prompt answer. When should i use the surface recombination boudary conditions if it is already set in the material ?


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