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3D Design

Surfaces seperating on Explicit D

    • RDelaCourt



      I have a tubular frame chassis created from surfaces (surface thickness later defined in Ansys). the chassis is ultimately 2 bodies (2mm and 2.5mm) which are knitted together (creating just one surface body.


      I've amended the imported geometry on Spaceclaim and shared the topology but I am still seeing separation between the two thicknesses regions. I've also tried including the "bonded" contacts between regions but I get the same result.


      Could you please advise a possible solution? If you note the attached picture you will better understand my current situation.

      Am I correctly applying the "shared topology" function by defining it on the assembly ?


      Thank you



    • peteroznewman

      You show shared topology at the top level.

      Did you set shared topology one level down from that at the 2 mm stp and the 2.5 mm stp component level?

      In Mechanical, when you plot the Edge color according to connections, do those edges show as red edges?  If so, they are not connected by shared topology. In that case, you can insert a Mesh Merge control and manually merge nodes. This is better than using contact, if it works.

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