Sweep mesh inflation first layer not constant

    • clarice

      I am meshing an airfoil using the sweep method, as I want a quad inflation layer and tetrahedral elements in the free mesh. The simple 2D profile is extended in the z-direction, with match controls on surfaces normal to the z-direction as i am going to use periodic boundary conditions. I specify inflation for the airfoil surface by selecting the source face and airfoil edge. I have found that the inflation layer first layer height is not constant in the z-direction. It is constant along the source surface, increases toward the center of the span and then decreases to the correct value at the target face. I have changed almost every parameter in my mesh to try to circumvent the problem, even fixing the first layer in advanced inflation controls does not solve the problem. I have found that this inconsistent 1st layer mesh causes instabilities in my transient solution.

      I meshed a cylinder with the exact same mesh settings and did not have this problem. Despite this, I do not think that it is my geometry as I have redone it in Inventor and DesignModeler with no difference in meshing results. Other mesh methods such as patch conforming tetrahedrons produce a consistent first inflation layer.

      Has anyone every experienced this problem and have any advice as to how to fix it?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Which inflation option you are using?nUse first layer thickness. nPlease use fix first layer option as well. nIf this does not help, please add images of your surface and volume mesh. nRegards,nKeyurnGuidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning ForumnHow to access ANSYS help linksnn
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