System coupling (Fluent/mechanical) crashing when launched

    • benjaminCoelho


      I am using a classical system coupling model to couple a steady state thermal analysis with a fluent analysis.

      while it was working with simple models since I implemented a more complex geometry, everytime i double click on the configution button of system coupling, my screen freezes and Ansys crashes.

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee
      Possibly the Ansys local settings became corrupt.

      Exit Ansys completely.
      In the File Explorer address field
      Enter: %APPDATA%
      ...An Explorer Window will open
      Open the Ansys folder...
      Rename the vNNN folder to vNNN.old for the appropriate version.
      ( v221 = 20222R1, v212 = 2021R2, etc)
      Try opening WB and Mechanical and see if it runs properly
      The reason we say to go to %APPDATA% is that it is a hidden folder, and you would have to show hidden folders to browse to it.
      For example:
      my %APPDATA% refers to :
      It will re-build the next time Ansys WB is run.

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