System Coupling

    • Bibek Poudel

      Hi all, 

      I am trying to run System Coupling ( with Fluent and Transient Structural). When, it is running, after some time whenever some error occurs, I cannot retrieve the solution upto that point. For example, when I am running simulation for 5 seconds and the error occurred after 4 seconds of simulation, shouldn't I be able to recover the solutions to that point? It is unusual because I can do that in Fluent alone or Structural transient alone but when I run with system coupling, it seems like I cannot do that in System Coupling. If anybody has any idea on how to retrieve those solutions, it would be a big help.


    • Ryan O'Connor
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Bibek,

      There are two purposes for writing intermediate solution files:


      1) Produce files which can be post-processesed to extract information on the simulation

      2) Produce files allowing for a restart/continuation of the simulation


      For (1) the approach is no different than a Fluent-only or Mechanical-only simulation. In Fluent and Mechanical set each solver to write the desired data.

      For (2) this is controlled in System Coupling under Execution Control > Intermediate Restart Data Output.




    • Bibek Poudel


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