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General Mechanical

Tabular YTS and UTS?

    • PureInsanity

      I am trying to develop materials based on the following values as a function of temperature


      • Elastic Modulus

      • 0.2% yield Strength

      • Ultimate Tensile Strength

      • Elongation Percentage


      But none of them led me anywhere in Engineering Data. I don't see any options where I can input these as tabulated data. What do I do?

    • Kai
      Ansys Employee


      You can define temperature dependent material data in Engineering Data. Click on the material property and you should see a table on the right side in which you may define temperature dependent material property. 

    • PureInsanity

      That solves the problem for the Elastic Modulus, but I would like to figure out the other 3 I have posted. They don't have options for Temperature.

      Also I don't think there is a tool for percent elongation


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