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    • José Mantovani

      Gentlemen, I hereby propose a challenge to all.

      It may serve as an "opinion" for a possible approach to the next year in the course of simulation in edX. Basically the idea I had is to assemble in a "solid" and complete, step by step the recreation of the event of the bridge Tacoma Narrows. For those who do not know, a text about this is available. The idea is to assemble the geometry and mesh, to simulate an external flow for the purpose of modeling vortex formation, since the collapse is explained by the induction of vibration through vortices, according to Billah and Scanian (1991). And from the obtained data, starting for structural analysis, thus composing a multiphysical simulation and at the end proposing solutions to the problem, since it is a typical problem where many areas of engineering can contribute, like my area, mechanical engineering. I would like it to be something done successively, with the help of everyone. Some are enabled?

      Thank you gentlemen!


      Billah, K. Yusuf, Scanian Robert H., “Resonance, Tacoma Narrows bridge failure, and undergraduate physics textbooks” – Am. Journal Physics, Vol. 59, No 2. Feb. 1991. 

    • Raef.Kobeissi
      Interesting idea!
    • peteroznewman

      That is a bold challenge José!

      Shell elements may be required to fit a model into the Structural Student license limit of 32k nodes+elements.


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