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Tangent Modulus

    • aqibdrmc

      Hi everyone,

      I am totally new to ansys and trying to simulate expansion of stent. I am trying to use different material and define their material properties. I am trying use Bi-linear isotropic hardening for material properties. I need values of tangent modulus of the materials to use Bi-linear isotropic hardening.  I am trying to use PLA, PEEK, Mg alloy.

      Can anyone tell me how to find tangent modulus for materials? If I have to calculate the value, can anyone give an overall idea about how to do it ?  I am really stuck at this place. It would be a great help.

      Thank you.

    • peteroznewman

      You need to either find a published paper or internet site that has provides the stress-strain curve data or take samples to a materials testing lab and get the stress-strain curve measured. Once you have that curve, you draw two straight lines on it to represent the linear elastic slope from the origin and another line that best fits the rest of the data.

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