特定の物質のみを通す境界条件の設定について How to set up boundary conditions that allows to pass specific materials

    • Masayoshi Hirasawa


      Hello. We want to see the behavior of non-absorbable gas(H2) in an absorber of absorption heat pomp. For a preparation, in a container which contains H2 and H2O gas, we are seeking the method to set up a wall (boundary conditions) that allows to pass only the water-vapor gas. Is it possible at all?
    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Select the boundary types as pressure outlet, create a thin cell zone near the boundaries. Possibly consisting of one cell thickness. Setup this cell zone as porous zone and accomdate the pressure loss terms to mimic the semi-permable wall.


      If you can model everything with some additional UDS's then you will be able to set flux directly of that UDS at the walls. 

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