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    • Brian Samec


      I do not know the Ansys software products very well, but we have them installed in our Virtual Computer Labs (alolng with 100s of other software packages).  We are having reports of Ansys software being unresponsive and appearing to freeze up when running projects or assignments.   One thing we were curious about is can we move the location of temp files or scratch files (that I understand the software users when building and running processes) to a different location than the users directories?  We have our users directories tied to OneDrive and think that could be part of our issues as well.

      I have seen where in Ansys workbench to change the temp file location and I've seen where to change /scratch location, but I dont know if they need to be setup a certain way on the drive we'd like to move them to, or if we can set it for all users, or is it an indiviudal user setting?

      Appreciate any help you can give.  Again, I know very lilttle of the software, so please let me know if anythign I've said is in error.

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Both settings are an individual setting for each user.
      They can not be set globally.

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