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Temperature and stress changes when switching from static to transient

    • helen.durand

      Hello ANSYS forums,

      After running the static Fluent simulation to steady-state, I switch to a transient simulation and it leads to small changes in the fluid temperature (typically on the order of a 0.1 to 0.01 K). I have not changed any of the settings, so I would expect that there would be no changes when switching to transient mode. 

      Since these results are coupled to a transient structural simulation, these temperature changes seem to lead to small oscillations in the stress (on the order of about plus or minus 10^5 Pa). After some simulation time passes, the temperature and stress seems to level off.

      Does anyone understand why this occurs?

      Thanks so much for reading this. I really appreciate any help.


      Other information about the simulation: Flow of a gaseous reaction mixture through a tube-shaped reactor using a UDF to apply a reaction model. The reaction is endothermic, so a temperature (as a function of the length of the reactor) is applied along the outside of the tube (using a UDF). The Fluent simulation is coupled to a transient structural simulation. One end of the tube is held in place using a fixed support.


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