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Temperature – Current Graph.


    • Christopher Koupelidis

      Hi, I am relatively new to Ansys and I want to make a Temperature - Current graph. I don't know which system to use and I don't know how to add the potential difference and the current. The part is that in the picture (it will be made from aluminum and it will connect two segments of a battery), the potential difference and the current goes in the circles and I want the temperature graph for the whole part as the current increases.  

      Thanks in advance.

    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, kindly look at 29.1. Simulating the Electric Potential Field (ansys.com) on the Ansys User Manual. It will give you a brief view into setting up the Potential Solver. If you are new to Ansys Fluent, I recommend you go through this course first Ansys Fluent – Basics Learning Track | Ansys Innovation Course to get a better understanding of the software.

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