temperature spike in Natural Convection using Ansys MSMD Battery Module

    • am21s079

      Temperature issue in Natural Convection of 2 Cells enclosed by an aluminium box using MSMD Battery Module.

      I have taken t-material and e-material per the manual and assigned them accordingly.

      Boundary Conditions:
      1. Outer box wall: heat transfer coefficient = 5
      2. Other walls are coupled

      After specific iterations, there is a jump in max temperature. And I'm not getting temperature profiles on cells.

      I have attached screenshots of the case. If you need more information pls, let me know.

      Thanks for reading. I am extremely hoping for the issue to be sorted out.

      If any other information is required pls, let me know.


      This question was also asked here

      you look for more screenshots there.

    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee

      Are you using any expressions or UDFs? Kindly check your BCs and setup. If you are not getting a temperature profile, then most likely the BC is incorrect. 

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