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Temporary academic license

    • destroy

      Dear all,

      I am using research/commercial ANSYS license in my University. 
      For now Im struggling with the internet connection and VPN and because of that Im having problems with the license.
      However - for now, its sufficient for me to have just educational/Student version.

      Thus, I have a question how to achieve the educational license and at the same time, not having problems with returing commercial license when I will solve my connection problems.
      I have in mind one solution - downloading Student ANSYS package, and finding the license file, than to replace this file in my ANSYS folder of commercial version. Going back - from student to commercial - just replacing again the files. 
      Please tell me - will it work?


      Kind regards


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Student is identical to the full version but with cell/node count limits. The two licence managers do not work well together so installing Student onto a University machine may cause problems. The licence files aren't compatible. One option is to uninstall the full version, install Student and reverse the operation when back on campus. 

      We are working on this as we have many clients in the same position. Please be patient, and talk to your supervisor/University contact early next week. 

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