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tennis racket string modeling

    • kwak dongkyu

      hi i'm try to model the tennis racket and ball

      but my issue is about the connection between tennis racket and string like below image.

      i made a line by [design modeler - line from sketch - cross section], and racket from online cad file.

      but in explicity dynamics mechanical it doens't automatically make any connection between racket string and racket. 

      so i personally setting the connection like below image. inserting manual contact region.

      in the scope, contact for racket string which is edge and target for racket which is body.

      but when i press solve i got an error messgae like below 

      if explicit dynamics can't make the connection like this let me know the another method to do the similiar simulation like this.

      also it would be honer if you recommend me some tutorial video realted with this simulation not ls-dyna thank you

    • peteroznewman

      The problem is you must apply tension to the strings, before the ball hits the racket.

      Have you looked at a tennis racket frame and the strings?  There are holes in the frame and the strings go though the holes. Create holes in the frame. Investigate using a Translational joint between the vertex on the end of the string that ends at the center of the hole and the sides of the hole. I'm not sure about Explicit Dynamics, but if you use Transient Structural, you could have Step 1 use a Joint Load to apply tension to the string, then bounce the ball off the string in step 2.

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