General Mechanical

General Mechanical

Tensile or compression stress and bending stress each face. local element direct


    • Hyeongjin Kim

      Thx for your comment 

    • Claudio Pedrazzi

      I will answer only to a part of your question. Be careful with the element axis 11, 22, 33.  Look at the element help to see how they are oriented.


      Also, you can let Workbench show you the element orientations, you have under the “results” also the possibility to create a plot with the nodal or the element coordinate systems.  It is a tricky thing using those (11,22…) because it all depends on their orientation.  Even for simple geometries, they are not necessarily well aligned “consistently” in one logical direction. 

      I advise defining your own coordinate systems, for example in your geometry possibly a cylindrical coordinate system will certainly help for some regions. 




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