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    • Zhoubin NI
      We are working on a project that is doing the tensile test simulation with explicit dynamics to see the fracture in Ansys Workbench. Our project is work on the DLP printer so the geometry in the simulation is layer by layer method with varying angle. 

      We have some equations about it.

      1. The relationship of displacement. When we use different values of displacement, the position of fracture is different.  
      [$6GW$YR9%Z{D}YN0AQ7[3.png displacement: 2mm
      C4A[C)LUDWVGCSAYTBLZIPU.pngdisplacement: 1mm
      2. the difference between explicit material and other material (What is the necessary data for the tensile test?)
      We use formlab clear resin in actual printing but we can't find out the material in 'Engineering Data'. There is some catalogue of material in the Engineering Data show below.
      . Is the explicit material required to the explicit dynamic simulation or we could do the simulation with material not in the list of explicit material?
      3. The connection (is the connection of each component working well like the actual printing?)
      The Ansys Workbench automatic connects each component with a type of connection :bonded.
      Is the 'bonded'  work for the simulation as the connection of DLP printing?
      The DLP 3D printer uses UV exposure light to curing the resin layer by layer. 
      4. The data of the stain shows weired. The data of the equivalent plastic strain is 0 and the trend line of the equivalent elastic strain is same as the equivalent stress. Which strain should I use?
      Thanks in advance. 
    • Zhoubin NI

      Some image failed.

       displacement: 2mm

      displacement: 1mm



      The Ansys Workbench automatic connects each component with a type of connection :bonded.

    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Zhoubin NI,

      For some reason images are not getting loaded.

      Will you please try to reattach them via clicking on image icon at bellow taskbar.


    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Zhoubin,


      Please see if the following link helps you:


      ANSYS Tutorial: Tensile Test using Explicit Dynamics - Bing video



      Ashish Khemka

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