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Tensile test – problem

    • Vin

      Hello everyone,
      i want replicate a tensile test on dog bone specimen to checking the matherial behaviour.

      For the analysis i designed a 2D quarter of specimen because it have two symmetry plane.

      i use linear isotropic element (for elastic field) plus multilinear matherial behaviuor (for plastic field),
      I use plane 182 element and appled a displacement load of 100mm.

      When i start the analysis with large displacement my elements resulting very distorced and the matherial behaviour plot is not the same that i put in

      do you know why?





    • Armin_A


      Hi Vincenzo,

      Could you please provide more information about the model, such as the input hardening (stress-strain) curve used for plasticity, as well as contours of plastic strain at the time of element distortion? Also, does the material withstand 100 mm of deformation in the actual tensile test in the lab?

      As a general suggestion, imposing velocity-based boundary conditions is preferred over displacement-based boundary conditions for dogbone tensile simulations.


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