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Tensile test simulation – elastoplastic behaviour

    • Nizia


      I am a beginner in Ansys and I am trying to simulate the tensile test of steel in ANSYS APDL. In the material model, I considered a non-linear isotropic plastic model, with the Voce equation coefficients obtained by fitting my experimental results (true stress vs. plastic strain). I fixed one end and applied displacement to the other end of the specimen. My objective is to extract the stress-strain curve from the simulated test and compare with the experimental results. So far, I have 3 questions:

      1) I am using SOLID 185 element. Should I use SOLID 187 (quadratic shape function)?

      2) I am doing a transient analysis. How can I get the stress-strain data? I know how to use the time-history post-processing function, my question is about at which node to get the results and what to extract (displacement or strain, Von Mises stress or stress in the direction of the applied load, etc).

      3) Is it possible to use the ekill script posted elsewhere in APDL?

      Thank you!

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Nizia,

      1. Yes, you should use solid187

      2. You should extract stress in the direction of applied load. Generally you should probe the nodes with maximum values. Since the load direction remains same, location of max value over the time should be same. 

      3. I assume you want to use script from another file into your project. This is ok. Please check the ANSYS APDL Help for 'Command Reference" 

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