terminate the mesh forcefully

    • maurya

      hey hello

                        i am meshing body and  provide some sizing. When ti take more than 3 hour than i understand some problem is there.

      So i want to terminate the mesh but mesh status box  is without cancel button.

      image is attached.


      please suggest how to terminate otherwise i lost my whole set up as i did not save it before.

      thank you

    • raul.raghav

      I usually kill the meshing process from the task manager and it just shows the meshing process was terminated. None of the mesh settings change. I then reduce the sizing and start the meshing process again. I would suggest you do the same for your case but there is always a slight chance that things can go wrong (like Workbench crashing or some other process in Windows crashing). I would have faced such an extreme problem in 1 out of 100 times. Not sure if you would want to take the risk and try killing the process.

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