Termination due to out-of-range forces/moments

    • francescocurzio

      Hi everyone! Im trying to model a batterycell. Every layer of the battery has been modelled with shell elements. All the parts in the model are extremely thin (0.02 mm separator, 0.035 mm active material, metal collector 0.01 mm ecc.) I have used the mat model 181 (simplified rubber/foam) to model the behaviour of separators and active material. Furthermore, i used the AUTOMATIC_SINGLE_CONTACT, ERODE_SURFACE_TO_SURFACE_CONTACT and SURFACE_TO_SURFACE_CONTACT to link the parts of the model with SOFT=2.

      When i run the simulation ive got the error "termination due to out of range forces/moments" and i dont know how to find a solution to this. I tried:

      Reducing time step scale factor TSSFAC to 0.5

      Set BULK VISCOSITY type to -2

      Used shell section ELFORM -16 with HOURGLASS 8


      Im starting to think that there are two possible reasons:

      Problem with the data inserted for the material model 181 simplified rubber/foam

      Problem with the extremely reduced thickness of the parts. Moreover, i also had to reduce the contact thickness of the parts to avoid initial penetration.

      What do you think of the problem? i leave a copy of the .k file here and if it needs i can also upload pictures of the model and of the settings.

      Thank you in advance and greetings from italy!

      Francesco Curzio

      P.S. I used a coarsh mesh because this model only serve to check if the material, contact ecc. cards works well, and then ill have to pass to the complete model with a finer mesh

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Please see if the following link of help to you:

      Do you have tips how to to combat instabilities? ÔÇö Welcome to the LS-DYNA support site

      Regards Ashish Khemka
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