Tesla Turbine Simulation

    • shahryar

      Hello !

      i am student of mechanical engineering i am having final year project on Tesla turbine. As its is not conventional turbine it uses discs instead of blades so i want to do CFD of it. I have been trying to do it for 3 months but all i get is some lines as velocity contours but according to theory there should be band of velocity profiles decreasing towards center of disc. I am not sure whats the problem can anyone help me i am so stressed as my deadline is approaching .



    • peteroznewman


      Please reply with a post where you attach a workbench project archive .wbpz file, so that we may see your model. You may have to Clear the mesh data before saving the archive because the attach feature on this site is limited to 120 MB.  Here is more info on archive files.


    • shahryar

      hello sir 

      Thank you for replying.

      I have attached the file it only contains upto geometry file. Tesla turbine that i am sending model of has 10 disc with each disc having gap of 1 mm  in between consecutive discs. For simplicity i am using one disc and casing spacing between disc and casing i have selected equal to 0.5 mm on each side of disc.In reality when water will come through inlet it will pass through gaps between disc causing shear force due to boundary layer and disc gap we have chosen is just twice the boundary layer to accommodate for 2 boundary layers between  2 discs.

      According to theory and previous cfd of researchers suggest that as the water come in it will cause shear force on disc and make it rotate and as fluid progress between  disc it losses its energy and travel toward center of disc to exhaust holes where it exhaust axially. So accordingly when we do cfd we should be able to see circular bands of velocity decreasing towards center i am going to also share here the results of some well known research papers. 

      My boundary conditions are as below as this turbine is expected to produce 1 kw of energy.

      I have uploaded the file we need to put following condition in ansys.

      INLET = Mass flow inlet ( 0.2 kg / sec) As total mass flow rate for 10 disc is 1 kg /sec

      Outlet = Pressure outlet

      fluid domain around disc can be rotated at 1000 rpm or if you like you can rotate disc walls as well

      We need to capture boundary layer and first cell height i have calculated is 0.00034 mm 

      • Here is the link to how tesla turbine works



    • shahryar

      here is work bench file i have only done till name seselection

    • raul.raghav

      Would you be able to upload your entire workbench file with the setup and results in it? If it's too big to attach here directly, you can upload it to google drive and share the link here.

    • Dev _cfdnoob

      Hey, I have uploaded the wbpz file in the google drive link. I am still getting divergence just after 25 iterations. I checked the CFL number and time step size is about 10^-7. (Ansys version is 15.0)


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Are you both working on the same model? 

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