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General Mechanical

Test Data Required to practice Workbench

    • Abdul Malik


      I am trying to learn ANSYS, my main theme is to model the weld geometery and analyses it. Prior to that i would like to start with some basics, if anyone provide the basic data on tensile test of steel i would be thankful.

      Furthermore, i found one file on file on internet but there is a difference in the model results and the file i found on internet. If anyone could have a look on it. either i am doing it in a right way or not.

      the lap report is uploaded

      Many Thanks,

      Abdul Malik

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

       Hi Abdul,

        If you are looking for material data. I would recommend the following the websites for Material Testing, Characterization etc:

      Datapoint Labs: material testing service with TestPaks

      Matereality: material information management

      Axel Products: material testing service

      Northwest Numerics, Inc.: user programmable features


      Also, take a look at this post and the video below that you might find helpful.

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