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Texture Mapping in SPEOS

    • Kenneth Zhang

      Hi support technician,

      I am currently working on a project that heavily relies on SPEOS simulation for realism output with texture.

      We are trying to resemble a few of our cameras' output using SPEOS.

      The bottleneck right now is that SPEOS does not support complicated UV Mapping. For simple cube or sphere object, a watermelon or a pepsi can for example, we could somehow map the texture on properly. But for freeform objects, for example a lizard mage I grab on sketchfab

       with Texture like these 

      We have not idea what can we do to map something a bit more complicated.

      I would like to use your expertise and please recommend a few walk around.

      How you would approach, if you need to map this texture to the model provided? 

      any suggestion would be appreciated,




    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Ken, Speos does not provide a means to handle texture Atlas data natively. This is currently not supported



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