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The coordinates airfoil points of Riso_B1_18

    • Aras karimi

      Hello everyone,

      I needed the exact coordinates of the  Riso_B1_18  airfoil points. I tried a lot but could not find its points. I will be grateful if you give me many points of it.
      thank you.


    • Devendra Badgujar
      Forum Moderator

      Hello Aras, 

      Can you please let me know which Discovery product you are using for this? Do you want to get these coordinates in SpaceClaim/Discovery? 

      Please elaborate your question to understand this better. 



      • Aras karimi

        I did not understand what you meant.

        I needed the X and Y coordinates of the   'Riso_B1_18'   airfoil points. I searched a lot but did not succeed.

        Do you have the points of this airfoil?

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