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The element option SOLID186 was either not ordered with this ANSYS installation

    • pvp1

      I have been working in ANSYS workbench and using a university license server for my ANSYS license. My problem is that recently I have been running into issues where after creating the solver input file step ANSYS will shut down and won't solve my model. My sales rep has told me that my ANSYS license should have access to the SOLID186 solver. After updating the server to R2022 and restarting the server the issue was solved temporarily however this issue happened again (After ANSYS caused my computer to BSOD) and I am wondering if there's anything to solve this issue.

      The following is my client error.

      *********** Nodes for the whole assembly ***********

       *********** Elements for Body 1 "SYS-9Solid" ***********

       *** ERROR ***                          CP =      1.391  TIME= 14:57:19

       The element option SOLID186 was either not ordered with this ANSYS     

       installation or the appropriate product was not selected for this      


       Contact your ANSYS support person for more information.  

      Here is the error on the server side according to the IT admin responsible for our ANSYS license server.

      12:37:38 (ansyslmd) OUT: "preppost" {Computer Name} [28424] 

      12:38:00 (ansyslmd) OUT: "disco_level1" {Computer Name} [7416] 

      12:38:32 (ansyslmd) IN: "disco_level1" {Computer Name} [7416] 

      12:44:25 (ansyslmd) DENIED: "ansys" {Computer Name} (Licensed number of users already reached. (-4,342))

      12:44:25 (ansyslmd) OUT: "emag" {Computer Name} [28424] 

      12:44:31 (ansyslmd) IN: "emag" {Computer Name} [28424] 

      12:44:43 (ansyslmd) DENIED: "ansys" {Computer Name} (Licensed number of users already reached. (-4,342))

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      -4 error means that the number of tasks in the license of the featrue "ansys" are all in use by other users.
      The IT license admin can perform a license status and see who all is using this feature
    • pvp1
      Hi Geo The only other person that uses the license hasn't used it however, it is still coming up with this issue. I am waiting to see what the admin says about our license status.
    • pvp1
      Hi So after checking the license status of the feature there was another instance of the license being used by what appeared to be a "ghost session" of my computer. However, after removing the ghost session following and restarting ANSYS the issue still persists.
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