the error of co-simulation between maxwell and twin builder

    • GLX

      when i tried to simulate a wireless circuit ,i get the following errors:

      [sim2000] error-FEA1:远程主机强迫关闭了一个现有连接。 >>initialize

      [sim2000] error11557-error encountered in the simulate function of user model. Model:FEA1.MAWELL >>initialize

      [sim2000] error13431-fatal error encountered while updating models.Model:FEA1.MAXWELL >>initialize

      [sim2000] error-error while updating model values and states.  >>initialize

      [sim2000] error10523 -error encountered while initializing the simulators.

      [sim2000App] error 10533-error encountered during INIT. >>Initialize

      Ignoring my english grammer,can you give some insight into these error? Thanks a lot.


    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello GLX,

            Do you use RSM or remote job submission for the co-simulation? 

            If you use the cluster, please copy the project file into the cluster and then submit the job. The project model should include both Maxwell and Twin builder/Simplorer. It means the job submission should know where we can find both Maxwell and Twin builder models. 

            The RSM submission, or submitting job from the local to the cluster remotely could not allow the submission program find the Maxwell model's location of the co-simulation.


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