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The FLUENT application failed to validate the connection

    • Joe Mounsey

      Hello, I am working on my honours project with Fluent 2022 R2. I am remote desktop connecting to my uni's computer. I restarted ANSYS and all of a sudden I got the error: failed in handling the Fluent message then The FLUENT application failed to validate the connection. 

      How do I fix this is issue???

      Thank you.

    • Rajeshwari Jadhav
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Joe,

      Which version you are using student or academic?

      Please try resetting the Ansys folder by opening a file explorer and type %appdata% in the address bar.

      Locate the Ansys folder and rename it to Ansys.old. Also, type %temp% in the address bar and rename the .ansys folder to .ansys.old

      Try renaming .fluentconf and .cfx files (C:\Users\USERNAME\) to .fluentconf.old and .cfx.old.

      Relaunch the application.

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