The frequency domain analysis of a symmetrical body in AQWA

    • liangjb27

      As I did use the AQWA to model and solve the dynamic response of the NAUTILUS-10 semi-submersible platform in frequency domain, e.g., the added mass and radiation damping,I found the non-zero values of these properties for the non-diagonal items, i.e., the coupling items on the direction of 45, 46, 56, as shown in the figure below. In these two figures, the“x454656_”represents the simulation data from the platform report and the other three curves are our simulations. As a platform with symmetric geometry and mooring line distribution, the coupling items should be zeros. We are curious why the non-zero values exist on these three coupling items. Can you help to find the problem and give your suggestions. Thank you!

    • Mike Pettit
      Ansys Employee

      For anyone else with a similar question, please see the answer here:

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