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The Frictional Viscosity in Multiphase

    • Shi Kun

      Hello, everyone! I want to use the Eulerian model with the phase number of 3 in Multiphase Model, in which have the solid phase of 2.

      I can find the Frictional Viscosity of Schaeffer and  the frictional pressure of Johnson and Jackson in Twophase Model  in Ansys Fluent Theory Guide
      , in which have the solid phase of 1.

      However, I can't find how the Fluent to give the frictional viscosity and frictional pressure for each phase of Multiphase Model, that is, how to extend the model for the solid number of 1 to solid number of 2? Is there have some reference about it ?

      I'm looking forward to your reply.Thank you so much.

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee


      The frictional viscosity only gets activated when the total solid vof exceeds packing factor. The extra friction term then gets added to the kinetic term of shear viscosity. Each solid has separate shear viscosity term for E-E model.

      • Shi Kun

        I'm glad to receive your reply. But I still have some confusion.

        I just want to know how can Fluent realize that 'Each solid has separate shear viscosity term for E-E model.'?

        Is there have any theoretical direction ,such as the case of one solid in Ansys Fluent Theory Guide have done? In other words, Is there a specific expression for multiple solid phases similar to the above image for one solid phases?


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