The hppc txt file new format in twin builder

    • ahmed.us.ms

      After uploading the hppc txt file I received this error message " found 1 HPPC data file that in old fluent format, this fitting tool only uses HPPC  data in new format that includes the temperature as a variable  "


      So what is the new HPPC new format ? 

    • Jose Luis Gonzalez Hernandez
      Ansys Employee


      The format for HPPC data should be : 

      One file for each combination of SOC and Temperature

      If HPPC data depends on temperature,

      first line must be: "TEMPERATURE" followed by its numeric value,

      second line: "SOC" followed by numeric value,

      Third line: "I" and numerica value

      The rest of the file is organized in two columns, first is time and second is voltage.

      If HPPC data does not depend on temperature, start with second line described above.


      Jose Luis

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