the mesh generation was not successful.

    • Jordan


      currently I am doing a simulation regarding to fuel cell (PEMFC) with 9 different parts combined together. I have successfully created my geometry in Design Modeler. However, I can't seem to mesh my design as it stated there 'the mesh generation was not successful'. I am currently using student edition ANSYS version 18.0. I don't came across with this problem when I am using version 18.1. Just I am curious what are the problems that I am facing now. 

      Details of my meshing:

      Assembly meshing - Method : Cutcell 

      Relevance : 100

      Sizing min : 0.1mm , max : 0.2mm

      relevance center : Fine

      Thank you. 


    • Jordan

      9 parts: 7 solids two fluids


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please use latest version 202R1 and check meshing. 

      For cutcell, suggest you to go through documentation. 




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