The mode never converge when simulate SiN taper

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    • h.senyue

      Hello everyone,

      I'm using EME solver to simulate a simple taper with SiN. I choose Si3N4 - Phillip as my material. However, I never see my mode converge like Si in the Lumerical example after several modes. I am wondering why the mode doesn't converge. What should I set to get proper simulation?

      Here are several screenshots about my settings, and my simulation results.

      EME setting:

      Port 1 and Port 2 mode profile:

      EME port setting:

      EME mode sweep result:

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Sometimes it can be very challenge for mode convergence, as it may indicate that some parts of Taper may need more number of modes. Please check those two articles:

      Convergence testing process for EME simulations

      EME Convergence Testing - An Intuitive Approach


    • h.senyue

      It converges after I set the subcell method to CVCS.

      Thank you very much.

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