The mole fraction on the interface

    • wuxuetianzi


      In my case, there are zone 2 covered by zone 1, and the reactant is coming from zone 1 to zone 2 because of the reaction. Now I want to know the mole fraction of the reactant on the zone 2 external surface, so I try to calculate it at the interface between those two zones by using surface report-->area weighted average (over the interface area)-->mole fraction. Is this a correct way to do it ?

      Also, I am wondering the cells on the interface. where are they belonging to? zone 1 or zone 2? When I try to calculate how many percent cells are from zone 1 by using custom function, I can get the value of 0.5 which means there are 50% cells are from zone 1 and another 50% cells are from zone 2. 

      So, if I want to know the mole fraction at the zone 2 external surface. Does this means I need to calculate the mole fraction in zone 2 first and then divided it by 0.5?


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I'm not sure I understand.  The reports will tell you how much material is at a position, review area & mass weighted averages to determine which is best.  I'm not sure what the cell (facet) count has to do with it?

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