The old: Geometry editor was closed abnormally problem

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      This error started popping up today. Note: I have been using this version of ANSYS for a few months and nothing has changed as far as the installation.  I have not had this error with this installation until today.


      So I was reading one of the threads and the suggestion was to open stand alone SC and then "If you can open stand alone do that and then use the Workbench icon to transfer into WB" but I don't know where this workbench icon is located.  There is a Workbench tab, but nothing in there says anything about transferring.  Where is this ability to transfer to Workbench??  I need to work on this model today, so I appreciate timely replies.




    • ansysuser

      I have been going through the three suggested procedures listed here but I cannot complete the second one:

      "Run Product & CAD Configuration v18.2 with 'run as admin' > Configure Products & CADs > Select all and click Next

      Then, run the CAD Configuration Manager 182 with 'run as admin' > check the box for SpaceClaim Direct Modeler > Click Next, then click Configure Selected CAD Interfaces, and make sure you see 'success'"

      I don't see a CAD Configuration Manager.  Can someone be more specific as to where it is at?  I am using 19.5.  When I search for CAD in the v195 I get hundreds of results but none say that. I find a folder that says CADConfig_Logs and another that says CADConfigurationInfoe.XML. 

      Is it an exe or what?  How to find it?  What is the exact name including extension?


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      Moving to systems.

      Product & CAD Configuration: "C:Program FilesANSYS Incv195ProductConfig.exe"

      CAD Configuration Manager: "C:Program FilesANSYS Incv195commonfilesCADbinwinx64Ans.CadInt.CADConfigUtilityGUI.exe"


      Ideally, you should have CAD configuration manager in your start menu as well.

      Also, your standalone SpaceClaim's Workbench ribbon looks different as compared to what usual looks:

      Finally, you said you did not get this issue before, and not changed anything in last few months. Have you changed your workflow or was that the same too?


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      That fixed it.  Thanks.

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