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The project files directory doesn’t exist

    • waelvav
      An error messages pop up after I downloaded a file from my friend ( The project files directory does not exit. A valid project must have its corresponding project_files directory. If the project file has been renamed, you should also renamed the project_files directory at the same location ) how can I fix this ,, we have the same version which is ansys 16.0
    • peteroznewman

      Your friend should open the project in Workbench, then use File, Archive to save a .wbpz file, which he can give to you.

      You will then open Workbench and use File, Restore Archive (in ANSYS 16.0) and select the .wbpz file, which will open.  Then you can save the project as a .wbpj file and the matching _files folder.

    • Amin1372


      I saved a file on a virtual drive and then downloaded in a different computer but now I cannot open it because of this message :

      The project files directory does not exist.

      And the thing is that I don't have access the main file but the downloaded file include:

      wbpj file




       How can I open it?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you can open it on the drive archive it and then download. Otherwise you should be able to extract some files from the various folders. Depending on which solver you're using that may be enough. 

    • Amin1372

      Unfortunately I can't open it on the drive. Actually I didn't archive it and  just saved it. So there is no need to be extracted.

      When I open the wbpj file, I can see my analysis but I get these errors: 




      Can I use the file?

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