The resistor and capacitor circuit time domain simulation in INTERCONNECT

    • ranshh

      as shown in the above figure, there is a circuit which only contain resistor and capacitor. the capacitance of C2 will change along the voltage across C2, and other components is constant。

      my question is how to build a capacitor whose capacitance will change along the voltage across it.
    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Hello ranshh,

      There are some linear electrical elements you can use to create filters out of circuits like this, but because they are linear their properties can't be voltage dependent. I think the closest element to this type of circuit would be the "Voltage dependent low pass (LP) RC filter" element, which has a bandwidth that depends on the input voltage. This element could have a response similar to this circuit, if you can calculate the bandwidth as a function of the applied voltage for this circuit.

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