The simulated boundary results are inconsistent with reality. What are the reasons?

    • h395523899

      Model size: sheet cavity 20m*10m*10mm. middle two hemispheres diameter 3m

      Simulated water cleaning diesel.

      1. The first type of meshing, the wall surface is not refined, simulation is shown in the figure. Diesel volumetric cloud image, blue water. Does not meet the theory. Water should be cone-shaped instead of u-shaped

      2. By changing the grid division, as shown in the figure. Wall refinement 0.1mm, growth rate 1.2.

      There is no abnormality as a whole. However, after the image is magnified, the flow rate of water at the wall surface will continue to increase.

      3. Is this situation caused by insufficient grid refinement?

      4. I mainly simulate the change of diesel volume fraction in the hemisphere. Need to refine the mesh at the hemisphere?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Hello h395523899

      Which models you are using? Can you pleas let me know your solver settings. 




    • h395523899

      Do not consider gravity

      Euler-Eurale two-phase flow

      Standard k-e model

      Material for the material library to give water and oil

      Lf-inlet: The velocity of the water at the entrance is 5m/s, the speed of the oil is 0, and the volume factor is 0.

      Lf-outlet is outflow.

      Rd-inlet1 and 2 are interior, others are wall,

      The initial state setting patch makes the oil volume coefficient in the model 1

      Step size 0.1

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