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General Mechanical

The solver engine was unable to converge on a solution for the nonlinear problem

    • munkhunur

      Dear experts,

      The solver engine does not work for this analysis with an Error message.

      How can I solve this warning message?


       *** WARNING ***                        CP =     10.624  TIME= 20:09:23

       PRETS179 element maintains its original orientation in a large         

       deformation analysis.


      In this analysis, linear material is applied on the beam and bolts while nonlinear material is applied on the column, as shown below figure.

      Is it better to apply NL material for all bodies?

      How appropriate the SOLID186 elements which are adopted in this analysis?

      Best regards,


    • peteroznewman
      You can ignore the PRETS warning if the axis of the bolts during the simulation change orientation less than 5 degrees.
      SOLID186 is a quadratic element and wo elements through the thickness is the minimum.
      Convergence in models with Plasticity and Frictional Contact is sometimes helped by using Linear elements, SOLID185, but you should put at least 4 elements through the thickness
      You might need even more elements through the thickness on parts that will experience a large amount of plastic deformation.
    • munkhunur
      Dear peteroznewman I always appreciate your kind response. It helps me a lot. Thank you so much. I understood.
      Best regards Unur
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