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Theory inquiry-Cohesive zone model

    • cheng089413

      Hello Community,

      I read that from Ansys Theory reference about the post behavior of cohesive zone model after debonding completed. I am confused about it.

      Post Separation Behavior

      After debonding is completed the surface interaction is governed by standard contact constraints for normal and tangential directions. Frictional contact is used if friction is specified for contact elements.


      My question is Since the debonding has completed, why there still exists a standard contact constraints for normal and tangential directions? I thought the contact just disappeared and the rest of the structure with valid connections are still sustaining the loads afterwards?

      Can any one explain a little bit?

      Thank you!

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      My understanding is that even after debonding a scenario of contact between the 2 surfaces arises then the above-indicated behavior applies.



      Ashish Khemka

      • cheng089413

        Hello Ashish, thank you for your reply!

        I don't quite get the idea and could you explain a little bit more? Since the CZM is defined for a bonded contact, after the debonding how can the bonding arise? if so, it would not see any load drop after the debonding since the contact is still there. or the contact is different from a normal one?

        like shown in the figure where the circled part indicates debonding has occurred. Is there still a contact in the gap?

        Thank you for your professional advice!

    • cheng089413

      Hello community, does anyone have any idea about this question?😀

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