Thermal Conductivity Through Wall Section (Convection)

    • cmond

      Hi, I am an architecture student and a beginner in Ansys.

      I am trying to use the software to calculate thermal lag/thermal conductivity/heat flux through a wall section. The idea is that the wall has been heated during the day and once it reaches a specific temperature I would like to do a steady state analysis to see how it conducts the temperature from exterior to interior via convection (how it might make the air inside a room warmer by conducting heat it has stored throughout the day).

      I understand the calculation would be from solid to fluid (air).

      Does anyone know how to do this/any tutorials available that explain this process?

      I am trying to test if the wall's geometry affects thermal lag. This is inspired by Dana Cupkova's recent research on this topic.

      Thank you!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      You can mesh up the solid (and fluid) layers in a wall and look at how heat is passed from one side to the other. Not sure about specific tutorials, but start with the heat transfer ones in the Help system. Depending on how thick some layers are you may also want to read up on thin wall heat transfer options and shell conduction.
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