Thermal diffusion coefficient (DT) of solid microparticle in air

    • ngothientu

      Hello everybody,

      I have a problem finding out the value of the Thermal diffusion coefficient (DT) of the solid micro-particle (eg: 1 μm - 10 μm) in the air(gas) from the mass flux equation: Jm = −ρD∇c − ρDTc(1 − c)∇T, (the equation figure is as below). (ρ is fluid density, D is diffusion coefficient, DT is thermal diffusion coefficient, c is mass fraction, T is temperature)

      Please help me how to specifies DT value? maybe it can be calculated from an equation or experimental value table....? the recommendation for reference journals or textbooks is much more helpful.

      I really appreciate any of your help, thank you in advance.

    • YasserSelima
      As a start, look herenWhen you try to find a rare research like this, start by looking in scholar.google.com .. get the closest research to your topic. It's preferably to be a recent one. Then look at the references ... try to find something closer. And look at the references and so on ... Usually you will find most good research in one topic are published in the same journal. Go there and have a look .. change keywords and try again. nGood Luck!n
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