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Thermal load along with structural load simultaneously

    • arthurmanieri

      Hello everyone!

      I am facing a new problem in my modelling.

      I have to run a model when a constant and uniform load is being applied in a simple supported beam along with a time-varying temperature (simulating a fire). Both happening at the same time. In workbench.

      I don't know if opening a transient-thermal "box" and connecting it to a steady-state structural "box" is ideal. It seems that I'll apply the thermal load and then the structural load with the remaining temperature.

      Can anyone clarify this for me?

      Thanks in advance!

    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee


      Is the temperature uniform everywhere on the beam (and varying uniformly only with time)?

      If yes, you don't need a Transient Thermal box. You can simply use "Thermal condition" load on the beam body in Static Structural box with multiple load steps (simulating temperature variation with time). 

      If not, then perform the Thermal analysis in the Transient thermal box, and import these temperatures (non-uniform along the body and also varying with time) into the Static Structural box. 

      Hope this helps. 

      Best regards,



    • skpb

      I'm not sure about this(cause I haven't used), but there is an extension called Coupled Field Physics in ANSYS store. Where you can do direct Thermal Analysis, Which helps to apply the thermal and structural load at the same time.


    • arthurmanieri

      Hey guys, thanks for the reply!

      Right now I am running into a little bit of trouble with the creep model I am using.

      Everytime I run the solver it does not converge and it stops the calculations. Have any of you ever considered any creep model in workbench?

      I am afraid that my creep constants might be wrong or something else.


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