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Thermal stress with Bolt-Pretension

    • ysngrg

      Hello All;

      I have a simulation, which have thermal load(temperature gradient getting from steady state) plus bolt pretension plus pressure and finally acceleration so 4 step. However, I can not select which step only thermal load, and bolt pretension + pressure+ acceleration. Can I select imported loads will be uploaded which step? and How?


    • Vigneswaran Sridharan
      Ansys Employee
      Hi I can suggest you a learning track on Pre-loaded Bolted Connections - ANSYS Innovation Courses for a start.
      Steady-State Thermal Analysis ( should help you with obtaining thermal gradients caused by thermal loads that do not vary over time.
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    • ysngrg
      Actually, I have lots of experience about thermal stress, and bolt pretension. However, I could not set which step thermal which step bolt pretension and the orher loads. Such as what is "tabular loading" and what is analysis time, is it total time? And what I write right table? Is it activated only second step and deactived other steps? I wann to solve this case, first bolt pretension, than thermal stresses, than pressure

    • peteroznewman
      You would do a three step analysis, each step is 1 second. Make sure you have set the Environmental Temperature for the temperature at which the bolt is tensioned.
      Step 1 applies the bolt pretension load.
      Step 2 has an End Time of 2 and changes the bolt to Lock and applies a Thermal Condition which can raise or lower the entire model to a specified temperature.
      Step 3 has an End Time of 3 and changes the pressure. The temperature stays the same as step 2. The bolt stays locked, same as step 2.
      In the tabular data, the Pressure value will be zero in step 1 and 2, and nonzero in step 3. You don't need to activate and deactivate since you can just use a value of zero.
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